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Titan Missile Museum

Director's Tour

We're revising the Director's Tour which will begin again in October.  Check back in early September for details about the new Director's Tour.

Tour the museum and missile site with Yvonne Morris, Director of the Titan Missile Museum and a former Titan II Missile Combat Crew Commander. Yvonne will share her unique perspective on the museum and you'll learn about life as a Titan II Missile Combat Crew Commander.

To be determined.

Reservations are required and may be made by calling (520) 625-7736.


Admission Fees for this tour:
Adults (13 & up) $
Seniors, Military, Pima Co. Residents & Groups $
Juniors (Ages 5-12) $
Children 4 and Under  
The tour guides give a very descriptive rundown of what life was like for the Air Force guys who ran this missile silo back in the day, and they even gave us a demonstration of the actual launch sequence. I got to turn the key that would have been part of nuclear war... freaky!!" — Chris Y., Newark, CA