Group Tours

Titan Missile Museum

Reservations Required for All Tours

Reservations are required for all tours. Groups of 10 or more visitors may make their reservation by clicking the “Book Now 10+ Visitors” button. For school groups and educational programs, please see the Educators section of this web site.

The one-hour guided tours include a short film on the Titan II program, a visit to the underground launch control center and a simulated missile launch, and a visit to level 2 of the missile silo where visitors view the missile through large windows in the launch duct wall.  At the conclusion of the guided tour, visitors may wander the surface portion of the missile site on their own where they can see the missile engines and stand on top of the launch duct to view the missile from above..

See the What to Expect page for important information on items that are prohibited on the tours.

Pricing and Reservations
Groups $12.50 per Person

Tours are limited to 25 people at a time and groups larger than 25 people will have to book multiple tours. If your chosen tour time is already partially booked by other visitors and cannot accommodate your entire group, you should select another tour time or book an addition tour. Groups of 50 or more people should contact us at [email protected] to discuss tour logistics prior to booking your tour. See the Accessibility page for important information if anyone in your group has a mobility impairment or cannot ascend and descend 55 stair steps. The person making the group reservation is responsible for informing everyone in the group about what to expect on the tour and the items that are prohibited on the tour.

The tour guides give a very descriptive rundown of what life was like for the Air Force guys who ran this missile silo back in the day, and they even gave us a demonstration of the actual launch sequence. I got to turn the key that would have been part of nuclear war… freaky!!”

— Chris Y., Newark, CA