Red Alert! Dear Museum Patrons, as of 3/18/2020, the Titan Missile Museum is closed and all tours have been suspended indefinitely. The situation with the current public health concerns over the COVID-19 virus is one we are monitoring closely and we are following the guidance of local public health agencies.  We will post updates about the resumption of tours on our social media accounts as they become available. Thank you for supporting the Titan Missile Museum. We hope you and yours remain safe and healthy and that we’ll see you at the museum in the future.

Schools & Youth Groups 
Visits & Educational Materials

Educational Tours

School and Youth Group Tours of the Titan Missile Museum are offered free of charge on a space-available basis and by reservation to public, private, and charter schools, as well as to youth organizations such as the Scouts, Civil Air Patrol, and Boys and Girls Clubs. These tours are limited to groups of 25 students and chaperones at a time. The museum cannot accommodate groups larger than 50. Plan your tours as far in advance as possible as the availability of these tours is limited and they fill up fast. These tours are not available in the month of March.

The tours and activities are appropriate for grades 5-12. The content is not suitable for younger audiences. The School/Youth Group Tour program consists of a one-hour guided tour of the missile site and a 30-minute classroom session (when Education Docents are available). In the classroom, students learn some of the principles of rocket flight by observing demonstrations involving chemical and hypergolic reactions and utilizing the museum’s “whoosh tube” and “rocket sled.”

Pre-Visit Activities

We also offer several pre-visit activities, varying in approach and complexity, to assist teachers and students in preparing for their visit. The entire program generally lasts 90 minutes. The tours can only accommodate 25 students and chaperones at a time, so groups that are larger than 25 may be divided over two or more days, depending on their size.

Here is a writing and vocabulary activity suitable for 5th-7th grade students:  Military Phonetic Alphabet.

The following history, reading, and comprehension activities are suitable for 7th grade students and above:

Visit Guidelines

The museum requires one adult chaperone for every 10 students, and these adults, along with the drivers, will be admitted to the museum free of charge. Any other adults accompanying the group must pay the regular admission fee. Reservations for these tours must be made at least 30 days in advance. But don’t wait. Availability is limited and these tours fill up fast!

Backpacks, cinch sacks, large purses, and camera bags are prohibited on the tour. Teachers/Administrators making the reservation are responsible for ensuring that each student, teacher, and chaperone understands that backpacks, cinch sacks, large purses, and camera bags are prohibited on the tour and ensuring that the group arrives at the museum at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the tour. Teachers and chaperones are responsible for monitoring and controlling the behavior of their students at all times.

The School/Youth Group Tour Program strives to provide an innovative, thought-provoking, and challenging student experience that complements the Arizona history and science curricula, promotes critical thinking, and stimulates language and reading skills. For more information, or to make your reservation, email us at

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